Saturday, May 9, 2009

Strategic plan

A writer on the mailing list posted a nicely structured strategic plan for how to move forward on these issues.

If you think you can help with any of these, please leave a comment, or write to the mailing list indicating which item you'd like to work on, or just to bounce ideas. Better yet, just do it!

Short Term Plan (this month)
  1. Increase membership of the group. Reach out to as many parents as possible. Diversity is key, families from many different backgrounds. Consider inviting 5 friends of family members to join the discussion and mailing list.
  2. Get to know each other. Setup informal meetings periodically, setup polls to learn about where we live, what we care about.
  3. Track action items and try to make progress on them.
Immediate Term Plan (1-3 months)
  1. Meet with BOE members. Find out what their positions and where they stand with respect to the SFUSD strategic plan, achievment, proximity, etc. Just as important, get them to know us. Dispel perceptions of racism or exclusivity in the desire for proximity.
  2. Learn more about family flight to the suburbs, other relevant demographic data, through the mailing list and this blog. Setup some polls.
  3. Talk to teachers and teacher unions. What are their needs/opinions on this.
  4. Involve the local media: newspapers, blogs, mailing lists, YouTube, etc.
  5. Learn about other school districts and how they do it. What can we adopt/avoid?
  6. Get other support: environmental groups, pediatricians (for childhood obesity, etc.)
Intermediate Term Plan (3-6 months)
  1. Reach out to Board of Supervisors, mayor, other political groups.
  2. Learn about 2010 BOE elections: fundraising, canvassing, etc. Maybe
  3. Get someone elected: would it be realistic to have a BOE candidate from this group?
Long Term (6-12 months)
  1. Improve all schools in SFUSD: the holy grail, this ultimately solves all problems.
  2. Educate voters about the BOE

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