Thursday, April 30, 2009

Summary of meeting with Board of Supervisors

On April 30 there was a joint meeting between the Board of Supervisors and Board of Ed. to discuss the public school assignment process - both the current system and redesign. There was a small handful of parents there. Supervisor Chu summarized the issues with the assignment process - funding, diversity, community, etc. Orla O'Keeffe gave a presentation on the assignment process, focusing on the redesign. You can find most of the info on the SFUSD website on the student assignment redesign (see powerpoint presentations on lower right). The Supervisors asked for some specific pieces of information, including:
  • number of children in each zip code vs. number of children enrolled in public school
  • are kids from the west going east or is it just the other way?
  • data on who applies versus who enrolls by ethnic group
  • Orla O'Keeffe said they are working on all of this and they should have answers to these questions by May 11 (when the baseline simulation is supposed to be unveiled).
Public comment was next and all of the comments requested either neighborhood schools or some strong consideration of proximity.

At the end Supervisor Dufty said he was very concerned about families who go 0/7 and then wait a year and then go 0/7 again! He pressed for some guarantee that these families would get one of their choices.

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